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Rêvé Massage Services


Reve's Salon's dedicated License Massage Therapist understands both the wellness and relaxation benefits of massage therapy.  Years of training and in-depth knowledge are used to customize services just for you. 


As you relax, your body also receives therapeutic benefits, including stress and pain relief, enhanced immunity and sleep quality, and greater energy.  Medical research continues to show the profound benefits of massage therapy. 


Take a moment for yourself and enjoy our heated massage beds and soothing music, all in the privacy of our tranquil spa environment.

Massage - Signature Swedish

starting at

30 min $45.00
60 min $70.00
90 min $90.00

This technique uses long, fluid strokes designed to calm the body, settle the mind and restore lost energy. It is the most common type of massage therapy and is generally more gentle.

Massage - Hot Stone

starting at

30 min $55.00
60 min $80.00
90 min $120.00

This Therapeutic treatment utilizing the application of smooth heated basalt stones to key points on the body to warm and loosen tight muscles and improved circulatory flow. This treatment is not only extremely comfortable, but also allows for a more intense manipulation of the tissues without having to apply deep pressure.

Massage Foot Reflexology

starting at

30 min $45.00
60 min $70.00

Massage - Deep Tissue

starting at

30 min $55.00
60 min $85.00
90 min $105.00

Targets the deeper layers of muscle connective tissue, deep, intensive holds and releases stimulate blood flow to restricted areas and relieve knotted muscles that are unable to fully release on their own. Ideal for severe or chronic muscle tightness. Some soreness may result after treatment.

Massage - Pregnancy

starting at

30 min $45.00
60 min $70.00
90 min $95.00

A relaxing treatment tailored specifically to alleviate the physical discomfort and fatigue related to the changing bodies of pregnant women. Trained therapist will adjust their techniques to help improve circulation, decrease swelling, diminish back and hip pain, relieve headaches, reduce leg cramps and promote overall relaxation.

Rêvé Skin Services

Experienced Estheticians

With over nine years of experience each, the Rêvé estheticians understand the unique beauty and skin care needs of every client. They offer customer consultations to ensure the highest level of care and have the expertise to customize services, giving each client desired results.

Quality Products

Because the estheticians at Rêvé have a passion for achieving optimal results, they perform skin care services with the same high-end, professional products that are available for retail. This provides clients with the ability to continue their programs at home.

Relaxing Environment

Our spa rooms are designed for your privacy and relaxation. The soothing music, comfortable accommodations and soft touch of our estheticians will leave you feeling calm and rejuvenated.

Cosmetic Services

starting at

Makeup Application $50.00
Eyebrow Tint $15.00
Eyelash Tint $20.00
Eyelash Application $10.00
Eyelash Extension *
Ear Piercing $45.00
  • *Consultation Required

Facial - Men’s

starting at

Facial - Men's $80.00

Escape the ordinary with a soothing men’s facial. Tailored to men’s skin care needs, this facial provides ninety minutes of pure relaxation.

Facial - Teen (ages 12-18)

starting at

Facial - Teen (ages 12-18) $50.00

Addresses the unique concerns of teen skin, including balancing excessive oil, soothing acne-prone skin, reducing breakouts, and evening overall complexion. Perfect for all teens.

Facials - Classic

starting at

Custom Facial $80.00
Image Peel $90.00
BioActive Peel $85.00
Myotonology $75.00
Myo in Series $65.00
LED Light Treatment $50.00
LED with other Service $40.00

Our Estheticians have years of experience and understand the unique beauty and skin care needs.  They offer expert consultations to ensure the highest leve of care and have the finess to customize your individual service.

Facial - Back

starting at

Back Facial $55.00

Indulge in a relaxing back facial, which combines massage and deep exfoliation. This healing treatment will soften the skin and reduce blemishes. A special treat for women and men alike.


starting at

Microdermabrasion $125.00
Micro with Facial $140.00

Stimulates collagen and promotes cell growth to create healthier, younger-looking skin. A series of treatments is recommended for optimum results.

Rêvé Airbrush/Tanning Services

With airbrush tanning, you can get the beautiful, bronzed look all of Hollywood is sporting!  It creates natural looking, sun-kissed skin without the harmful, aging effects of the sun.  For special occasions, a sunless tan achieves a healthy glow without a long term commitment! For a more a more personalized touch, your airbrush tanning is applied by a professionally trained Rêvé technician, who ensures coverage of the entire body.

Here are some tips from RÊVÉ Salon & Spa for successful airbrush tanning

  • Prior to your session, exfoliate well and avoid the use of moisturizers
  • During your session, you are welcome to wear pieces that are comfortable for you. Please have bottoms of some sort and plan to wear loose, dark clothing afterwards
  • Following your session, avoid water for at least four hours, preferably eight hours. We recommend our Amber Sun follow-up products to achieve the best tan results!

Airbrush tanning lasts five to seven days and can be maintained indefinitely with follow-up applications.

For more information, please download our Spray Tan Prep Sheet

Rêvé Men’s Services

Rêvé Salon and Spa offers a complete collection of men’s hair, nail and skin care products and services.

Our experienced Designers will enhance your features and create a confident, well-groomed style. Classic or fashionable, they can create the look you desire.

The Rêvé estheticians offer a variety of men’s waxing and skin care services. With over nine years of experience each, you can be assured of receiving great results.

Rêvé also offers private, relaxing nail services for men. Our talented nail technicians will give your hands and feet a professional, well-cared-for appearance.

Cut - Men’s

starting at

Men’s Cut & Style $30.00
Children Under 13 $17.00

Nails - Men’s

starting at

Spa Manicure $27.00
Spa Pedicure $57.00

Facial - Men’s

starting at

Facial - Men's $80.00

Escape the ordinary with a soothing men’s facial. Tailored to men’s skin care needs, this facial provides ninety minutes of pure relaxation.

Color - Men’s

starting at

Camouflaging $40.00

Back Facial - Men’s

starting at

Back Facial - Men's $50.00

Indulge in a relaxing back facial, which combines massage and deep exfoliation. This healing treatment for men will soften the skin and reduce blemishes.

Rêvé Bridal Services

A celebration of love. A dream come true. A day to remember.

From the moment you became engaged, or maybe long before, you began to imagine your wedding day. You will choose your gown, flowers and cake, and Rêvé Salon and Spa will guide you through every detail of your hair, nails and skin. The memories of your wedding day will last a lifetime, and our talented professionals are passionate about creating the beautiful look you have always envisioned.

Planning Ahead

Up to Six Months Prior to Wedding Day...

  • Reserve times for services for you and your wedding party, including manicures and pedicures
  • Plan a relaxing spa day

Two or Three Months Prior to Wedding Day...

  • Consult with your Rêvé professionals to plan for pre-wedding day hair and skin services
  • Schedule your hair and makeup ‘dress rehearsal’
  • Reserve time for waxing services

One Month Prior to Wedding Day...

  • Bring veil and any pictures for your ‘dress rehearsal’

Your Wedding Day...

  • Enjoy every moment of one of the most special days in your life!

Rêvé Nails Services

Experienced Nail Technicians

Our professional, licensed nail technicians are dedicated to providing beautiful nails. With their experience and attention to every detail, you will receive optimal results.

Specialty Services

The Rêvé nail technicians have expertise in both natural and enhanced nails. They offer clients exceptional pink and whites as well as all types of enhancements. With their extensive abilities, you have the opportunity to choose a beautiful look that fits your lifestyle.

Spa Environment

Rêvé invites you to experience the luxury of a manicure or pedicure in a spa area designed especially for nails. With soothing music, pedicure chairs that heat and massage and curtains that can be drawn for privacy, you will truly receive a spa experience.

Nail Enhancements

starting at

New Set $70.00
Retouch $38.00
Pink & White New Set $75.00
Pink & White Retouch $45.00
Backfill $50.00
Mend, Per Nail $5.00
  • Available in acrylic, fiberglass, gel, & silk

Minx Nails

starting at

Minx Pedicure $75.00
Minx Application $40.00

Get amazing new stylish, sleek designs with Minx Nails at Rêvé Salon & Spa. Minx is a solid film with an adhesive back and waterproof, heat-activated seal that has your nails looking fantastic for up to 6-8 weeks!

Rêvé Hair Services


The talented Designers at Rêvé have years, even decades, of experience. Throughout this time, they have grown and perfected their artistic abilities.


Our amazing staff are more than gifted stylists. They are daughters and sons, parents and grandparents with diverse expertise. Whether you are young or young at heart with hair of any length, texture or color, we have an ideal designer for you!


Rêvé Designers receive continuing education on professional products and hair techniques. Classic or trendy, they can create a look for you that’s all your own.


starting at

Shampoo Blow Dry $27.00
Special Occasion $55.00
Conditioning Treatment $15.00


starting at

Color / Cut / Style $90.00
Highlight / or Lowlight Cut / Style $100.00
Color / Highlight / Cut / Style $125.00
Color Correction *
  • *Consultation Required


starting at

Women’s Cut & Style $37.00
Men’s Cut & Style $30.00
Children Under 13 $17.00


starting at

Permanent Wave $75.00
Specialty Wrap *
Smoothing Treatment *
  • *Consultation Required